The Bonev Lab Vision

  • To understand the genomic blueprints guiding billions of neurons to assemble in the most complicated object in the universe – our brain
  • To challenge the current status quo by employing interdisciplinary ideas, methods and model organisms
  • To think differently and to make a lasting impact in the fields of epigenetics, developmental biology and neuroscience

To achieve these goals we will:

  • Develop a lab culture where the focus is on people and they are valued, respected and trusted
  • Abandon assumptions and dogmas and embrace “First Principles” approach
  • Go beyond state-of-the-art and always challenge ourselves to do better

Expectations from the lab members

A laboratory is defined by the people who work in it. We want our lab members to be colleagues who will be respectful and able to work in a team while retaining their own voice and individuality. This means creating an environment where people are willing and able to share ideas with each other and where the success of everybody (and not just a selected few) is of utmost priority. In order to accomplish this, we will embrace intellectual openness and ideas, not hierarchy. The opinion of everybody, including students and trainees is valued, and we will strive to maintain an atmosphere where every voice deserves to be heard.

To create and maintain such an environment we will focus on the following key features:

symbol for Purpose Purpose: every project is equally important and meaningful
symbol for Safety Safety: members feel free to take risks and pursue their research independently
symbol for Dependability Support: trainees can rely on each other and me for help and support
symbol for Collaboration Collaboration: science is a team effort - internal and external collaborations with clearly defined goals and responsibilities are key
symbol for Innovation Innovation: deep understanding of experimental methods and broad knowledge to incorporate different fields in our research

I expect the lab members to be highly motivated, passionate, willing to listen to criticism and having a positive mental attitude. I expect you to support and encourage a friendly and collaborative lab environment where people help and respect each other. Most importantly, I expect scientific integrity, desire to learn and improve as well as passion for science from all.

Expectations from Boyan

  • Providing trainees with excellent training and mentorship, with plenty of space for personal ideas and independence
  • Encouraging curiosity, integrity and rigor in trainees while they are in the lab and continuous mentorship afterwards
  • Focus on training, collaboration and networking opportunities
  • Involving trainees with grant writing, presentation skills and manuscript preparation
  • Supporting individual career goals and aspirations

I believe a career in science is more than simply doing research in the lab - critical thinking, organizational skills, empathy and working as a team are also necessary components of success. I will strive to create an environment where these values are cherished and encouraged.